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Because we use a sophisticated
photo-imaging process designed especially for printing on outdoor vinyl...

Our vinyl banners are printed digitally so you can include BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS, logos, special typefaces — anything that can normally be printed in full color. And because we use only Waterproof and UV resistant solvent inks, they are perfect for OUTDOOR uses (as well as indoor).

Our vinyl is a high quality rugged grade, and the inks are genuine solvent inks, so our vinyl banners work great outdoors and last for years without fading. Vinyl banners are hemmed, if necessary, with grommets (where required) for no extra charge. We can also do pole pockets if you need to hang your banner...see below...

Here's an alternative way to hang a banner. No grommets required. Just use "pole pockets" top and bottom supporting rods made from plastic or wood (or metal), screwed to the frame in two or three places.

*Free* Banner Samples
These samples are printed on the same vinyl we use for our banners They are 15" x 30", and have seams and grommets.  Handling fee of $7.50 cdn each.

Click image to see larger version.

2005 Ford Mustang

2005 Nissan Skyline

2005 Nissan Skyline

2005 BMW M3

2005 BMW Z4

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Custom Full Colour Vinyl Banners from Banners-Canada.com
A Service of Canada Display Graphics Waterloo &  Mississauga  Ontario, Canada
Telephone 905-795-9385 Toll free (in N.A.) 1-888-476-5705
Custom Vinyl Banners from Canada Display Graphics are shipped across North America.

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